The Wrap Instructions

This page can assist you perceive the correct way to use the  Crazy Wrap Thing or the Body Wraps. A stepwise procedure has been fixed and the materials that you simply got to have before using the wrap. This way, you'll have the most effective result for your Body Applicator Wraps.


  1. Prepare the subsequent materials: Wrap, Flexible Tape Measure, Sharpie Marker, Saran Wrap, Pen, Paper and Camera.


  2. Choose the area wherever you'll use the body wrap and take some photos of it. Doing this means you'll have the possibility to check the result by comparing the before and after pictures.


  3. Measure the area wherever you'll wrap and write down the measurements that you simply have taken. For stomach part, live underneath your breast, around your navel, and about 2-3 inches below the navel. To make sure that you will measure the same level after using the wrap, mark it with a sharpie.


  4. Open the body wraps package once doing all the steps mentioned on top of and unfold the applicator rigorously. To the area where you'll use the body wrap, apply its interior portion.


  5. Use the Saran wrap to secure the device in place. Wrap it round the entire space. Ace bandage or fabric covering may be applied over the plastic wrap for a lot of secured applicator.


  6. Wear the device for forty-five minutes (or it'll be BEST if you let it keep overnight). Once removing the body wrap, rub in remaining lotion to the applied space and never take a shower or bathe for many hours.


  7. Take another measurements and note them down. You'll record another measurements a minimum of once daily for three days.