Beauty Products Vs. Home Remedies

What's inside your pocket? Are they all beauty products? There are lots of new beauty product brands that promise you of fast result. Companies creates new trends of beauty soaps, beauty creams, lotions and more that will solve your skin problems. The main question is “Are they really effective?”. Most of us simply rely on those instant beauty products and leave behind the natural ways and home remedies that our ancestors taught us. Dark spots and pimples can be simply solved by these home remedies.

Home remedies for Pimples and Dark spots:

  • Cinnamon and Honey 
  • Lemon juice 
  • Tomato Pulp 
  • Turmeric 

Home remedies to beat acne scars 

  • Sandalwood water 
  • Fenugreek extract 
  • Neem leaves 
  • Apple cider vinegar 


Always remember Consult your Doctor first before using any beauty products.