Debunking Skin Care Myths

What we think is right, may not be quite right. In other words, there are times when we take advantage of the latest skin care tips and tricks, yet little do we know that it may be the cause of the skin conditions we are experiencing. It is crucial to get to know the product or item you apply to your skin and body, before it would be too late. This is the reason more and more people consider the body wraps. Perhaps, they have seen how the products could work on their body and achieve the results they have expected. Before you fall into the wrong skin care technique, check on these common myths you might not be aware of. 

Myth # 1: Essential oils are good for your skin. 

These are the ingredients used or added to beauty products to make it smell good. This is where the problem begins. Did you know that these oils can cause irritations and even create skin sensitivities? Sure, it smells like strawberry, but before you apply it on to your skin, ask yourself whether or not it is safe. There is only one answer to that question, NO. Essential oils do not care for your skin, rather only provide sensual benefits.


So, what's the final verdict? 


These ingredients only irritate your skin. You wouldn't want to experience that, right? 


Myth # 2: Oils can cause acne and pimples. 


You may have known this all the time that oil can cause your skin blemish. Is there really truth from what we all have known? Believe it or not, oils can even make your skin smooth and silky. Although you have to be careful with the right kind of oil you apply to your skin. Coconut and olive oils are on top of the list. They act as barriers or a weapon to your skin. There are some oils that even contain a large amount of antioxidants. As you apply it to your skin, you will begin to recognize how it softens and make it more smooth. 


So, what's the final verdict? 


Keep in mind that when your skin turns dry, wrinkles and the signs of aging slowly appears. Additionally, your oil glands work hard to compensate and produce enough oil to prevent your skin from drying. Thus, resulting in a greasy-looking face. You would know what would happen next if this happens. Acne begins to sprout. The trick is to apply enough right oil to your skin and create a balance. 


Myth # 3: Sunscreen is not needed during autumn or winter season. 


Just because we are in the cold months and it is rare for us to feel the sun's rays just as how intense it was during the summer season, doesn't mean you do not need to put on the sunscreen. The sun's rays will still be damaging no matter day or season it is. In short, the sun during summer is still the same sun this autumn and will be during winter. Clear enough. 


So, what's the final verdict? 


It is important to wear sunscreen all the time. Consider this your number one weapon to fight the signs of aging. 


Take care of your skin. Be careful what you apply to it. Otherwise, you will end up having it damaged.