One Puff Equals One Fine Line

What could be a better way to erase the signs of aging? It's all about changing your habits. Ditching the old and the bad, and embracing the new including wrapping your body with the body wraps a friend just gave you.


Smoking and Your Skin 


You wouldn't want them to go together. They wouldn't get along. You may have recognized those men and women who have been smoking for quite some time. What have you noticed with their skin? There are times when you can't even recognize their age. They look older than their age. This is no longer new. Every puff you take causes your skin to age. Smoking not only can harm your body, but your precious skin as well. Don't make your skin suffer. You don't deserve it. 


How smoking affects your skin?


Believe it or not, smoking can cause your skin to wrinkle. Each puff allows the blood vessels in the outer layers of your skin to narrow down. Moreover, the lesser the blood could flow through the vessels, the lesser the amount of oxygen, not to mention the nutrients to go through your skin. Each time you smoke, the most important fibers of your skin are damaged. Collagen and elastin play an important role in keeping your skin toned, firmer, and tightened. When these fibers are damaged, you will notice how your skin begins to wrinkle. Although this may not take in an instant. Again, your habits can affect your body and your beauty as well. So, as you smoke, you will develop the signs of aging. Your skin begins to wrinkle, complexion becomes yellowish, and you will notice how your skin texture becomes leathery. 


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall


Smoking doesn't just bring lung cancer, but each puff allows you to pave the way to make your skin mature and age too. When everyone is looking for the ticket to go back in time or looking for ways to stop the clock from ticking, it's time to make a move. Take a look at the mirror and listen to your skin and body. Nourish it and meet its needs. 


Wrap it up!


Along with the plethora of products that can enhance and make your skin look more youthful, more and more people are enjoying the crazy wrap thing. Skinny wraps contain natural ingredients that can go deeper into your skin and revitalize the beauty within. After all, this is what you are looking. You wanted to make a U-turn. You may have started getting rid of your cigarettes, what's next? You wouldn't want to accelerate the aging process. Wrap it up. This is your opportunity to tighten, tone, and make your skin firmer. Think about how smoking affects your skin. Yes, it allows your skin to age prematurely in a short while, BUT you have to keep in mind that after 10 years of smoking, these signs become permanent. You know what it means. It becomes difficult to correct. Quit that habit before it is too late. It's time to make a change. A change for the better and not worse. 


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