How is Worrying and Wrinkles Related?

What are the reasons you have considered wearing the skinny wraps your friend gave you? Perhaps, you may have heard of the song, 'Don't worry, be happy.' At some point, there's truth to the song. Men and women who wanted to be wrinkle free. This is the reason they maintain to have a happy face. Most of them believe that if they worry too much, they would develop more wrinkles on their face. Is this the reason you wrap them all up?


Is there truth about wrinkles and worrying? 


Let's face it. You come home from a long day at work and you look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? An undeniable fact that you look tired and droopy. Yes, you have to admit that you look older than your age. How can you explain all this? 


The Science of Worry


Keep in mind that the chromosomes we have, structure the cells that contain our genes. Right at the tip of each chromosome, you will find the telomeres. It is when the cells divide or during the mitosis process where with the cells naturally divide and at the same time reproduce. This is the stage where telomeres get lost. The moment where there aren't enough telomeres, the cells could no longer divide, rather it dies. 


What seems to be the relation of worrying too much and the cells and most of all, the wrinkles? Naturally, as we get older, our cells could have divided more which in turn looses our telomeres. Not to mention, when we get stressed, the telomeres also get shorter. Whilst this is happening, the lack and shortening of telomeres occur. Which would therefore lead to the deaths of the cells. 


Meanwhile, you would also notice when you worry, you change your facial expression and leave a wrinkle on your face. Otherwise, it has something to do with your mood when you are at the stage where you have been worrying too much. Your lifestyle and diet changes, thus, leading to an unhealthy you. 


What happens when you worry? 


Imagine the day when you were too worried about your loved ones. There were too many things in your mind that you forgot about your health, your body, and most of all, your skin. Slowly you have forgotten that you need to take care of your body. You forgot to eat healthy. Not to mention, go out and exercise. Additionally, you forgot that you need to get enough sleep. You woke up one day looking at the mirror – tired, wrinkled and old face and body. 


Stop Worrying, Be Happy, Stay Healthy and Wrinkle Free


Understanding the science of worrying and wrinkles do not make you get rid of those lines in your skin and face. Although at some point, it would enable you to be aware of how to treat your skin and keep it healthy and youthful looking, you have to learn that it's the simple ways that would be able to make your skin and your body healthy.