The 7 Skin Aging Habits

It all boils down to making decisions. Some men and women decide to put on the skinny wraps as they welcome and embrace a transformation. Each day we make decisions. Our health and most of all, our skin depends on whatever decision we make. Unknowingly, some of us may make unhealthy choices. Thus, making our skin age faster than it is supposed to be. Nobody wants to look older. No, not this time yet. So, before it's too late, it's about time to break that habit. 

1.Cigarette Smoking


Don't... and again... Don't smoke. Cigarette smoking can damage and can even age your skin. Believe it or not, spending time with a smoker may even make you look older. Exposure to cigarette smoke can increase the skin wrinkles and even dryness. You may be wondering why? Cigarette smoke depletes your body's vitamin C. Take note, vitamin C keeps your skin moist and plump. 


2.Sun Exposure


Exposure to the sun can be very aging to your skin. As a matter of fact, an unprotected skin, as it is exposed to the sun can produce dark and brown spots onto your skin. Again, this could increase the appearance of skin wrinkles. Moreover, it makes your skin sag and look old. What's even worse, sun exposure gives you the risk of skin cancer. On the other hand, you don't have to face bad news all the time. The good news is, there are antidotes and other methods you can do to improve your sun damaged aging skin. Take for instance, the body wraps. These are the products that have natural ingredients infused in it. 


3.Lack of Exercise


You read it right. It's time to make a change in your lifestyle. Having a sedentary life is not helping your skin and body to become healthy at all. It's even making it look older. Remember that you are getting your muscles working and blood flowing as you exercise. Exercise plays an important part in making you look youthful and active. 


4.Cold Weather Exposure


Have you ever noticed as the temperature begins to go down and the cold winds start to blow? Your skin becomes dry. If you really need to venture out there in the cold, be on guard and put on a good moisturizer. Not only outside, but indoors as well. You would notice how heated rooms make your skin dry. Humidifier is a good tool to reduce these signs of aging and other effects. 




It's not only the beer belly that alcohol leaves you with. Alcohol dilates your small blood vessels in your skin. Additionally, it also increases the blood flow near your skin's surface. As time passes, these small blood vessels become damaged permanently. Thus, making your skin look flushed and broken vessels in your skin. 




Somehow, there's truth in the famous expression that you don't have to frown or else you will look old. The muscles on your face would conform to the frowning and worrying. Turn your stress level down and smile. It wouldn't cost you anything to ditch this habit and smile, right?


7.Lack of Sleep


One can always tell you, lack sleep. The dark circles and the tired looking face to make it more obvious that you lack sleep. If you think nothing would happen when you sleep, think again. This is where your body and skin rejuvenates as it creates new cells making it look youthful.


It's time to change your habits! Don't make any delays. 


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