How Far Will Your $99 Go?

Surprisingly, you can start a business with as low as $99. More and more people have recognized these body wraps in Canada. This simply means, the increasing demand can be the sign that you will be able to achieve your dreams as you become successful in your business. 


You may have heard of the business builders kit which would only cost you $99 and nothing else. Don't get too excited, we will discuss and learn how to get out of debt with this body contouring product. 


What's in this kit?

Perhaps, the reason you have allowed your friends and other potential loyal customers to take advantage of this product is the experience you have. 

  • The 4 skinny wraps included in the kit is enough to let other people experience and take advantage of the product as well.
  • In addition, other than the product, you will have the chance to use a web site designed for e-commerce and e-office. Yes, this business allows you to work at home. These days, it is no longer new to be working from your home. This is usually offered for $20 per month. But with the business kit, you will be able to have your office and take your business in the cloud free. On the other hand, you can also consider this as your physical shop for your customers and potential distributors to visit anytime. 
  • Included in the kit is assorted marketing materials. Newbies need this. If you do not have any idea on how to run and keep your business growing, these marketing materials will complete your need. You can ask anyone, starting a business may be easy, yet running it is the hardest part. Say you wanted to sell another product other than the skinny wrap. You have to keep in mind that in marketing a product, it would always require techniques and certain tactics for lead customers. 
  • The kit requires this one time $80 BV monthly auto ship. This should enable you to qualify to earn commissions from your loyal customers. Think about a future bonus at the start up stage. You have the option to keep this in place should you want to be eligible to grow your business and achieve your goals. Most likely, you will be selling ultimate body applicator Canada and other products that will tighten, tone, and firms your skin. 
  • BONUS! 
    • Congratulations! At this point, you will have more chances of realizing your dreams. You will have a total of $120 worth of products only for you. $80 BV auto ship carries with it benefits more than you can think of. 
    • Speed up your start Bonus. 
    • Again, 4 body wraps for you. But this time, it's only for $25. You just have to let 2 loyal customers sign up. 4 Ultimate Body Applicators can be yours for $24.95. Meanwhile, 4 facial applicators are only $19.95. 
  • $35 annual renewal
  • $600 car bonus 
  • And most of all, an access to the special packages with special rates to realize your dreams. 


It's a double whammy for you! Not only will you be able to stop the time and keep people with younger looking skin, you will also be able to generate on the lead. 



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