Tips On Increasing The Body Wrap's Effect

In this post, we will talk about different guides and tips that will help you in increasing the effects of the ltimate Body Applicator in your different body parts. You will learn the different things that you should and should not do in using this amazing wrap which is also known as the CrAzY WrAp ThInG.

  • Always keep in mind that you should NOT use the body wraps while doing your regular workout routine, if you're pregnant or doing the breastfeed for your baby, and/or when you are having your monthly period.
  • You should only use the body wrap one a time, at the specific part where you chose to apply it. You can use it in certain area as long as you you get satisfied with the outcome that you can see with your own eyes. But always keep in mind that you can only use ONE wrap in every 72 time. In the case where you are only using the body wraps for maintenance, you can have it once in a month.
  • It is IMPORTANT that the pores of the area where you plan to apply the body wrap are open, clean and dry and free of lotions.
  • Drink water to increase the outcome and help the toxins to exit your human body. This one will also prevent you to experience stomach ache after using the body applicator wrap. But you should consumehalf of water of your bodyweight (in oz. unit). For an instance, if you bodyweight 160 lbs, you should consume 80 oz. of h2o. 
  • Though the wrap was designed to perform for 45 minutes only, outcomes will be at best if you let it remain longer. You can take a bath at night and then use the body applicator wrap and let it remain over night. As you remove it early in the morning the next day, you should rub the remaining solution and limit yourself from bathing for the next hours.


Follow these tested and proven advice as you use the Ultimate Body Applicator aka the CrAzY WrAp ThIng and get the best outcomes that you wish to have.

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