How Exercise Benefits Your Skin?

Body wraps promote a healthy lifestyle. In the previous blog, it was clear that you still need to exercise even if you are using the ultimate body applicator. However, it was not clear why you still need to exercise if you simply want to have a glowing and radiating skin. Let's say you are already slim and don't need to really lose weight. What you need is to simply tone down and tighten your spongy skin. Exercise plays an important factor in keeping a glowing skin. Why? Here are some benefits of exercise to your skin. 

Minimizes Acne and Breakouts

The skin has open pores where dirt and oil is trapped causing acne. Exercise makes you sweat allowing your skin to dilate and expel the trapped dirt. It will leave a smoother and cleaner skin texture. But you should wash your face after sweating to prevent the gunk from being sucked up again by your pores. 


Boosts Local Detoxification

Detoxification is the process of eliminating waste materials from your body. Waste materials are toxins, fats and chemicals that inflame your skin look sag and slack. Exercise pushes the lymph nodes to take out the metabolic trash through muscle contraction. Exercising a lot can mean more muscle contraction and it will result in more wastes out of the body. It will make you look fresh because you the skin has been cleansed from toxic materials. 


Improves Immunity

Aside from cleansing your body, exercise allows your body to produce more white blood cells that fight off bacteria. Neutrophils and natural killer cells will fight the bacteria/viruses that enter through your skin membrane. Circulation boosts efficient production of white blood cells; it can be achieved through regular exercise. The heart pumps 5 liters of blood at a normal rate but with exercise such as walking, running or jogging, it can pump four more times than the normal rate.


Good Sleep

One of the causes of premature skin aging is lack of sleep. Exercises can raise your temperature for four to five hours, then it will drop lower than your temperature. It will make you fall into sleep. Sleep is essential to have a glowing and radiating skin. Almost 60 million Americans suffer from lack of sleep that caused wrinkles, dark circles and heavy eye bags. It will make a person look old and ugly. The best time to sleep is from 10PM to 4AM because your growth hormone repairs your skin tissues during this time. It will reveal a rejuvenated and revitalized skin.


Improves Mood for Less Stress

Exercises let your body release the hormone endorphin that triggers a positive feeling just like when you are in love. It will improve your mood and boost your self confidence. Good mood keeps your stress level low. Managing stress is very important because it causes the secretion of the hormone cortisol that activates free radicals (damages your skin tissues).  


The skin is the largest organ of the body. Physical activities will improve your blood circulation that will make sure every skin cell will receives the nutrients carried by the blood. Exercise provides plenty of benefits for your skin and for every organ of the body. So, whether you like it or not, and even if you are using different beauty products, you will need to move a lot to keep your skin in its best look.


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