What Makes Your Skin Dry?

One of the purposes of the ultimate body applicator is to maintain the hydration level of the skin. Due to its active and natural ingredients, the skin is nourished to get rejuvenated and renewed. It will eliminate dry skin. However, have you ever wondered how your skin dry and looked spongy? It is medically known as xeroxis. It can be embarrassing and noticeable since it can appear in the legs, thigh, arms, face and many other parts of the body. Usually, the cause of it includes exposure to the environment to which the skin reacts. Here are some of the few and simple but surprising reasons why dry skin occurs.

  • Exposure to heat - it is a common fact the sun rays can make your skin dry simply because it dehydrates the skin leaving it thirsty for water. However, it is not just the sun that can provide heat. Saunas, hot bath and steam sessions can also make your skin dry. 
  • Too much exfoliation - the skin needs to exfoliate to get rid of old and unhealthy skin cells. However, too much exfoliation can harm the skin. It can get irritated because healthy skin cells are also being shredded off. The body slimming wrap can help your skin get hydrated without too much exfoliation.
  • Cold weather - too cold environment results to a dry skin. This is because the temperature and humidity drop that can dry the natural protective oil present on the skin. Then, you can feel a dry and rough skin and other parts like the lips or forehead. Even a cold temperature brought by an air conditioner can dry the skin, so, always bring a lotion when working. 
  • Unhealthy diet - foods containing high sodium can make your skin rough and dry. So, instead of fries and burger, eat your fruits and vegetables. Aside from keeping your skin well hydrated, it is good for your figure.
  • Household cleaners - it contains chemical elements that can strip your skin off its protective oils. To prevent it from happening, you have to avoid direct contact from these cleaning materials. Wear gloves!
  • Over washing - too much hand washing can cause hand dermatitis brought by water and soap. It can lead to cracking and peeling of hands. So, instead of water, you can use moisturizers or hand creams. 
  • Caffeine and alcoholic drinks - these drinks are diuretic. It prevents the skin from holding water that will make your skin look like prune. 


One way to eliminate a dry skin is the use of the body wraps. However, the skin can’t get the nourishment it needed in one second. You have to make sure that you will cleanse your body in and out of it. Exposure to chemicals and other external hazards can dry out your skin. You have to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle to ensure long term skin health. 

Lastly, to make the skin tone and tight, you have to practice regular exercise. It regulates blood flow to ensure that every skin cell will get the nourishment it needs. 

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