Sleepless Nights: What You Need to Know Before Taking a Sleeping Pill?

One of the best habits when you are taking care of yourself is sleeping. For one, it normalizes activation of free radicals. It lessens stress and makes the body renew itself. However, with workloads, pressure and everyday exhaustion, we tend to deprive ourselves with the precious 7-8 hours of sleeping.  When the body gets used to being awake and your eyes can’t simply shut itself, but you crave for it, you resort to taking a sleeping pill. However, just before you take another pill, consider the following factors shared by Dr. Mehmet Oz. 

How often do you use sleeping pills?


If you are regularly taking sleeping pills, your body will get used to it. When it becomes dependent on it, you won’t be able to teach yourself to sleep on its own. It will create a psychological impact to a person that would be dangerous for a person. However, sleeping pills are not bad at all. If you have attended a burial or been sleepless all night because of an event, taking sleeping pills is actually a good option. 

Sleeping pills should be suited for what you need.

Do you take a sleeping pill to sleep or stay asleep? This is a question from Dr. OZ. These two are entirely different because pills that are designed to make you sleep can be different from those that can make you stay asleep. Some people tend to sleep early but wake up in the middle of the night. For example you wake up around 2 am and your alarm will be at 6am. The body will feel that you only got 4 hours of sleep. Therefore, you might feel haze, drowsiness and nostalgia in the morning. 

Do you take sleeping pills of somebody else?

Physicians prescribe sleeping pills depending on gender, age and weight of a person. Even if he or she is your relative, your sleeping pill will be different from him. Taking a pill that won’t match what you need can create a bad reaction on your bloodstream and can pose another threat especially if you are taking other supplements. 

Are you eating high fat meals just before you take a sleeping pill? 

High fat meals inhibit easy absorption of the sleeping pill to your bloodstream. Therefore, if you take it now, the effect will be felt after a few hours. You will just think that it doesn’t give an effect because you ended with lying and trying to sleep but you simply can’t. If you badly need to sleep and sleeping pills can help you with it, don’t eat high fatty meals before you sleep. 

Sleeping can make your skin glow and renourished. Aside from that it boosts the function of the human growth hormone. When you are sleeping, HCG will be more efficient in repairing tissues and bones. Also, it helps the skin in rejuvenating itself. If you are using the crazy wrap thing, sleeping with it is the best step to maximize its benefits


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