How To Keep a Healthy Skin?

What is more bothersome than a slackening and sagging skin when you should not have it yet? Premature aging is a depressing and stressful appearance of the skin wherein you will have to cover it with a coat, and long sleeves. So, you have to understand how to keep your skin healthy to avoid such skin condition. Also, aging may not be stopped but the depletion of the cells can be delayed if you work on these things:

A. The Foods that Nourish the Skin

  • Low-Fat Dairy Products - one essential vitamin needed by the skin is Vitamin A. It boosts cell regeneration and helps in strengthening the immune system. Our body uses beta-carotene and convert it to Vitamin A. Aside from that low-fat dairy products have enzymes or live good bacteria that keep normal digestion and will be reflected through the skin. Good food source includes soy milk, carrots, spinach, tomato juice and water melon.

  • Blackberries and Strawberries - one major cause of premature skin aging is the free radicals that damage the DNA and skin cells. Free radicals can be inhibited by antioxidants. Berries have higher total antioxidant capacity than any other food. With other phytochemicals in the fruits, it can protect skin cells from damages brought by free radicals such as sun exposure and psychological stress.

  • Green Tea - known for its inflammatory properties, green tea can help in faster healing of broken or damaged skin cells. It contains polyphenols that promote collagen production, limit death of skin tissues and boost tightness and elasticity of the skin.

  • Water - not really a food but universally known to be the most powerful aid for hydration. The skin's dryness causes for its early aging. With enough water in the body, it can help in the detoxification of the body. 

B. Maintaining An Active and Mobile Life

  • Regular Exercise - it promotes healthy circulation. Because of active movement, blood flow is stable that aids to skin's nourishment and vitality. Blood is carrying oxygen that will be distributed to different organs of the body, including the skin. Aside, from that it also helps in eliminating the wastes from the body. Exercises will boost energy and ease stress. Stress is one of the causes of free radicals. With exercises, such stress will be eliminated. 

C. Protect and Pamper your Skin

  • Use Sunscreens - when you are going out especially from 10Am-4PM, always wear sunscreens that can be at least SPF 15.
  • Moisturizers - a lot of people have been using moisturizers. This will keep your skin hydrated and moist. It will prevent dryness and skin itchiness. 
  • Body Wraps - there are lots of body wraps. You can go to a salon and ask for such service. However, it becomes inefficient. With the ultimate body applicator, you won't need to go somewhere else. By using the botanical based cloth, you can regain your youthful and glowing skin. More than that you can see an immediate difference as quickly as 45 minutes. 

With all the tips above, you can now enjoy a healthy looking skin. You just have to be disciplined and diligent in incorporating it in your daily routines. 



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